Overview of Scientific Conferences addressing Psychedelic Research in 2017

Research on psychedelics in modern-day science is accelerating and thus will be discussed on a number of high-ranking science conferences in 2017. The following list will give you a quick overview about upcoming conferences in north america and europe. A visit always pays off, since these conferences feature lots of ongoing research with talks, lectures and workshops by lots of interesting researchers, including James Fadiman, Roland Griffiths, Robin Carhart-Harris, David Nichols, Franz Vollenweider and many more.

Most of these conferences offer charitable student discounts, for those of you who are interested in these topics but can’t afford the high fees most conferences require. If I missed any, feel free to give me a heads up!


North America



See how this scientific discovery will eliminate deadly diseases like cancer or HIV in the near future

In the past decades, scientists have investigated numerous ways to fight malignant cell development in the human body. While there are already promising techniques to fight deadly diseases like immunotherapy for cancer, biochemists experienced a major breakthrough in 2015 with so-called genome editing. Although strongly raising ethical considerations, the discovery of the CRISPR/CAS-System has the potential to heal from all sorts of diseases like herpes, cancer and even HIV but moreover carries the ability to engineer the human genome from scratch.

How that works, what it means and why there is need for discussion on a civilizational level is explained in an excellent way in the following video: